What We Do

Web Site Design

Simple Web Site Design

Simple, clean and uncluttered websites are what we thrive on. Our simple website design service is for businesses, organizations, and individuals that are looking for a simple website without a bunch of unwanted features, yet maintains a consistent, clean look and feel that fits their theme and focus. With this package, you can select which options work best for you. You get an custom user interface design plus the custom options you choose in the list below.

Web Site Design Search Engine Optimization

This service is for businesses or groups looking for a new site, or wants to have an existing site overhauled with an emphasis on optimizing the site for increased search engine visibility. With this package, we will perform an initial search engine optimization analysis and provide you with a report detailing the most popular targeted search phrases people are actively using in relation to your offering. You will receive a web site designed with an original interface, search engine optimized web pages and optional copywriting optimization, and more.

Custom Web Site Design

This service is for new or growing businesses, or groups looking to emerge onto the internet. You will receive a custom web site designed with an original interface, a custom logo designed exclusively for your company or organization, submission to the top search engines, assistance in purchasing your site name, and hosting your site.†

High End E-Commerce Web Site Design

This service is for businesses that want to sell their products online, and take automated orders through their web site, or if you need some level of interactivity. It’s also for those who want a site animated to some degree using Flash. Your site will include an original graphic interface, customized shopping cart, online order form, plus optional features below. For a completely Flash website, please call for a customized quote.

Individual Web Design Components

This service is for those who already have web sites and need an addition to it to increase the web site’s productivity. Choose from many options below:

  • We also provide domain & hosting .
  • Assumes timely provision of content and extras that are required to be provided by client.
  • Content Assembly is only charged for content not provided by the client.


Other web design companies make web design out to be so complex. Hard, busy graphics, impossible-to-read fonts, colors that don’t work, and other elements only hinder the effect of the website on visitors.

Our strategy is simple: a fresh look, room to breathe, and visual usability yeilds smart web design.


First, we get inspiration sites from you, sites that you find inspiring to your own project design-wise. Then we begin concepting. We sketch anywhere from 10-20 layouts (yes, on paper) before we go digital. The concepts include various designs for the header, navigation, main content section and footer.

During the concepting process we take into account usability, unity, simlicity and of course, beauty. We ensure your website will be professional and look stunning at the same time.

After we choose a final concept, we spend time researching related photography and imagery to use on your site. While creating the actual mockup for your site, we consider colors, unity, hierarchy, symbolism in shapes, direction and flow of information, imagery and design.

Typically, you will receive a full mockup in 5 business days or less. After approval of the design, we begin incorporating content.

Ordering Process

  • You can get started with your web design project by clicking here to get connect with us. Because of the time involved, and the intensity of the branding process, we must require a non-refundable deposit of the setup costs associated with the package you decide to go with. The deposit is due before work begins on your project.
  • Once we begin work on your project, we will begin analyzing the styles and characteristics of the company, and the intended audience, then we will begin the conception process. A working layout will be forwarded to you within 5 business days. Once you approve the design, we will insert content and other required elements to complete the web project. From there, we can set up a maintenance package that allows us to update the site content as needed as well as add new pages when necessary.